massage for pain

*Muscle tension

*Trigger Points

*From your daily activities


*Medical Condition

massage to improve range of motion

*Improve the skin


*Assist in joing mobility

*Allevate stiffness

*Increase flexibility


massage for stress

massage for postsurgical rehabilitation

*Promotes deeper and easier breathing

*Release the body's natural painkiller

*Enhance immunity

*Improve circulation

*Ease medication dependence

*Promote tissue regeneration

*Reduce postsurgery adhension and swelling

massage to improve athletic performance

*Recovery from strenuous workots

*Exercise and stretch weak, tight or weak muscles

*Relax overused muscles

*Improve muscle tone

Getting rid of discomforts in your body can be confusing and often depression.When your body is  experercing effects from innormailities, pain is often the reaction.Your body will usual communicate the need for attention.  When annyoued PAIN follows

Disfuntions in the body can also lead to prersistant pain. Pain can cause  you to become less active which  leads to weak muscle and joint tissues The decrease in strength often lowers your energy causing a tiredness of moode.  Anxiety, fear, anger and stress Lack of energy and tiredness may be experience due to s